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Life can throw unexpected challenges our way, leaving us scarred by traumatic experiences that linger like shadows in our minds. Whether you’ve faced physical abuse, sexual abuse, car accidents, or even witnessed terrifying events during war, natural disasters or terrorist attacks, the aftermath can leave you feeling trapped in a cycle of distress.

We understand the overwhelming weight that these traumatic memories carry, and our proven Trance Busters process can help you on your healing journey. Founded by neuro-linguistic programming master, David Monroe, these techniques provide a simple and compassionate solution designed to provide rapid and lasting transformation from grief, trauma, stress, post-traumatic stress (PTSD), and anxiety. Join us in a major step forward in your recovery!

What Are Trance Busters & How Do They Work?


Our mission is simple: To provide a series of straightforward mental reset exercises tailored to people who have encountered stress, anxiety, or trauma in their lives. These exercises gently release the way the traumatic memory is stored in the mind; and restore balance. Each technique allows you to revisit the past events while remaining safely anchored in the present moment, which creates the healing experience needed to release the past.

Trance Busters rapidly and easily turn off the fight-or-flight reaction to highly charged emotional events (i.e. traumas) in our lives. While these techniques are not new (they’ve been around since the 1970s), it’s only been recently that they have been simplified and fine-tuned to quickly resolve trauma.

Trance Busters processes effectively communicate with your mental neural system, signaling that the traumatic event is in the past, no longer requiring constant protection.

This allows your mind to release its frozen (fight-or-flight) state, resetting altered neuronal circuitry and permitting new insights and perspectives to emerge.

Using a form of stimulation that helps the individual stay focused on the present, while recalling the story from the past, the brain can finally reevaluate the memory from a neutral state. As a result, many individuals feel freer, lighter, brighter, clearer, and more present in the NOW. Individuals experience new insights and a newfound sense of distance from the traumatic event, regaining freedom and independence from the past, and creating a fresh, positive, new perspective on life.

Who Can Benefit
From Trance Busters?

Trance Busters have been meticulously developed to offer quick and painless relief to those suffering from post-traumatic stress (PTSD) and anxiety.

You Can Heal Through The Trance Busters Coaching Sessions If You Have Experienced:


Physical Abuse


Sexual Abuse


Car Accidents


War Experiences


Death of a loved one


Natural Disasters


Terrorist attacks, including those who viewed the 9/11 attacks

These powerful techniques have shown remarkable success in eradicating classic symptoms of PTSD, such as nightmares, flashbacks, circular thinking, outbursts, and panic attacks. By reprogramming how your mind processes traumatic memories, Trance Busters facilitates real and lasting results…both in your mental health and overall well-being.

The Trance Busters Processes

Your Breakthrough Awaits: 3 Powerful Healing Processes

The Trance Buster Processes offers a path to freedom from the grip of traumatic memories and past negative experiences quickly and efficiently.



The first process is called the “Film-Clip Process.” The Individual makes a “film” of the event in their mind, as they remember it. Then they run the film backwards in their mind, and then jumble it around in their memory. This exercise of control over the event creates the mismatch experience that allows the brain to reset.



In the second process, called the “One-Word Language,” the Individual will recount the traumatic event or story using only one word, maintaining eye contact with their Coach, while gaining distance from the event.



With the “Mirror Hand Movement” technique, the Individual will verbally tell their story while mirroring the Coach’s hand movements, keeping the Individual engaged, present, and connected during the healing process.

Using these three Trance Busters Processes, you’ll be able to change how your unconscious mind processes the information about the traumatic memory, and you’ll experience swift, lasting change.


The Transformational Benefits of Trance Busters

Trance Busters is for people who have experienced traumatic events, post-traumatic stress (PTSD) and anxiety. Here are just some of the benefits when working 1-1 with David Monroe, the Trance Buster Coach:


Rapid Relief:

Trance Busters offer quick and effective relief from the powerful effects of trauma, allowing people to experience noticeable improvements in their mental well-being without prolonged therapy.


Pain-Free Healing:

With Trance Busters, there's no need to re-live the pain of the past. Individuals can break free from the grip of traumatic memories without discomfort, focusing on their journey of healing.


Privacy and Comfort:

Two of our methods, Film-Clip Process and One-Word Language, respect survivors' privacy by not requiring them to divulge specific details, making it particularly valuable for sensitive cases like sexual assault survivors.


Lasting Transformation:

Trance Busters not only alleviate symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder, but also reprogram how the mind processes traumatic memories. This results in automatic and lasting results!


A Personalized Healing Journey:

Each Trance Buster process addresses a specific event, focusing on one trauma at a time. Survivors can tailor their healing journey to their unique experiences, allowing for personalized and effective recovery.

Learn More About The Neuroscience
Behind Trance Busters

Trance Busters draws upon the insights of Dr. Richard Bandler and Dr. John Grinder, pioneers of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), a psychological approach to personal development and communication founded in the 1970s. Building upon NLP’s “Fast Phobia Cure,” Trance Busters not only conquer phobias but also engineer liberation from the lingering effects of past experiences.

The Founder of Trance Busters, David Monroe, has dedicated years to refining and enhancing NLP techniques, making them more user-friendly, efficient, and successful. The results are not only immediate but also enduring. In fact, a study using these techniques reported a staggering 73% of subjects were still experiencing complete remission of all PTSD symptoms six months after treatment.

About David Monroe


David has explored many forms of healing emotional trauma in his own personal search for recovery from the traumatic loss of his own daughter. He has adapted many of his learnings into these processes for use by non-licensed therapists and coaches. David’s background includes holding his Doctor of Jurisprudence from the University of Houston School of Law, and being a licensed Counselor at Law in California and Texas. He also holds a Master Certification in neurolinguistic programming from
NLP-Marin and is an ordained Christian minister.

David Monroe

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