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1-1 Coaching Sessions with David Monroe

Transformative Coaching and Trauma Recovery

You are a powerful, loving creative being. And for all of us, we have been affected by life’s events in various ways, and sometimes in ways that hold us back.

David Monroe has many tools that can help you release what has been holding you back.

David helps you identify what you want in life, and what is holding you back. David will help you release the past…by identifying the source of limiting beliefs and self-judgments that block you from living the life that you want.

Clients experience profound shifts, swiftly and effortlessly, often within just one session. The goal is for the Client to be free, lighter and clear – unaffected by things of the past. Clients do not re-experience their emotional pain and hurtful feelings; there is no “talk therapy” or efforts to tell you what to do.


Who are these 1-1 Sessions for?

Whether you're consciously aware of past traumas holding you back, grappling with negative, recurring thought patterns, or simply seeking guidance to realize your aspirations, these sessions are tailored to meet you where you are. Conducted virtually via Zoom or in person in the heart of West Hollywood, Los Angeles, the sessions provide a supportive space for your personal growth journey.


Session Details and Pricing

Sessions typically span an hour, with flexibility for up to 90 minutes as needed. Our pricing structure is designed to accommodate your needs: $350 for a single session, $750 for three sessions, or $1,000 for five sessions.


Key Client Takeaways

Clients consistently report profound transformations, resolving long standing issues that have plagued them for years. Each session aims to provide Rapid Relief & Lasting Transformation, fostering a sense of empowerment and renewed vitality.

1-1 Coaching Sessions with David Monroe

Transformative Coaching and Trauma Recovery