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About the Trance Busters Processes

We Introduce You To TRANCE BUSTERS

Trance Busters are neuroscience processes developed for one purpose: to effectively bring relief from the negative emotional effects of traumatic experiences.

Trance Busters are a series of simple mental reset exercises which quickly and easily calm the mind, and restore balance in the person’s mental state by simply reviewing the prior events, while staying present and doing something that keeps them present here now.

Trance Busters produce rapid results, without talk therapy or exposure therapy.

You can be FREE NOW: safely and easily.

How They Work

When we experience trauma, our minds are genetically programmed to go into a defensive, protective mode – often called “fight-flight-freeze-feign death” (or just “flight-or-flight”) – to ensure our survival. For some reason, sometimes this self-protective cortical mechanism does not turn off once the person has survived the event – it remains on, frozen in time, preventing us from dealing with the memory in any new way. Trance Busters processes communicate to your mind’s mental neural system that the event has been survived, and protection is no longer needed. This permits the mind to turn off the frozen state, and turn the growth switch back on; allowing new insights and ways of processing the event, by resetting the altered and frozen neuronal circuitry.

When the trauma involved circuitry is reset, the mental system naturally “reboots” to its pre-trauma state.

The results are that new insights can form instantly; new distance from the event is experienced, as the mind dissociates from the memory and regains its freedom and independence from the past.

The methodology Trance Busters utilizes comes from insights developed thirty years ago by Dr. Richard Bandler and Dr. John Grinder, the founders of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), then a new science of excellence and personal change. The “Fast Phobia Cure” was used to help people instantly overcome phobias.

Trance Busters pick up where NLP left off – by using the process to not only cure phobias, but engineer release from all ill-effects of past events. By specifically targeting actual events, one at a time, and releasing the mind from the trapped fear response, the mind can “reset” to a fear-free view of the world, and the sufferer can experience real peace and freedom.

David Monroe spent years studying how different practitioners use the NLP process – and has come up with ways that are more user-friendly, quicker, and more likely to succeed.

For example, we now know from experience that a key to fully resolving traumatic past events is to focus on one event at a time; and deal thoroughly with that event, starting from a time when you were safe, before the event started; and continuing through until a time of safety, when you knew the event was over. You start from safety; and end in safety.  To be effective, each Trance Buster process does this.

And the effects last. One study using these techniques reported 73% of subjects having a complete remission of all PTSD symptoms after six months.

Process #1

The Film-Clip Trance-Buster Process

This technique is an adaptation of the “Fast Phobia Cure;” used by people around the world. A quick online search of the “Fast Phobia Cure” will bring up many variations. The original technique was simple: play a film in your mind of the event causing fear, and then rewind the film in your mind, watching it backwards: and, MAGIC. The power of the fear dissipates.

The Film-Clip Process involves recalling the event surrounding  those haunting memories and envisioning them as a film  that plays in your mind. The Film-Clip Process empowers you to take control of that memory, to rewind it, and then to jumble it up in your mind. By doing this, you create a powerful mismatch experience that allows your brain to reset and finally turn off the alarm that memory has.

Here's how it works:

With the assistance of your Coach, you clearly identify a beginning and an end to the film, ensuring they are both safe points. Next, you break the film into segments. You then, with the help of your Coach, imagine watching the film as a video on a TV or a film in a movie theater.

Then comes the crucial part: your Coach asks you to run the film backward in your mind, in reverse order, while continuing to maintain eye contact with your Coach. Then you jumble the segments in your mind.

When you reverse and jumble the memory in this way, randomly mixing the events in your mind, your mind gets the message that the event is no longer happening: it is in the past, just a memory. The power of the event’s hold over you dissipates. Then, when you recall the event now, you will notice that the event is more distant, less threatening, and you have regained control.

I have found this process particularly helpful for war veterans who have experienced the horrors of war.  

Process #2

The One-Word Language Trance-Buster Process

The One-Word Language technique works in much the same way as the Film-Clip process. It addresses one event, starting from a place of safety and ending in a place of safety. Instead of playing a film in your mind, you “tell” your Coach what happened in a different way: you use a “one word language.” I like to use “meadow.

For example, if I were to tell you, “I saw a car accident yesterday”- using the “One-Word Language, I would say,Meadow, meadow, meadow, meadow, meadow, meadow.

This allows your mind to recall the event while doing something else at the same time: saying the word “meadow.

This approach is particularly valuable for survivors of sexual assault or other events where divulging specific details can be uncomfortable.

Process #3

The Mirror Hand Movement Trance-Buster Process

The Mirror Hand Movement Trance-Buster Process combines verbal storytelling with synchronized hand movements between you and your Coach. As you recount your story out loud, maintaining eye contact with your Coach, your Coach moves their hands in various ways and directions, and you mirror their hand movements. This process is designed to keep you engaged, present, and connected with the Coach while recalling your experience. The goal is to create a playful and challenging distraction, preventing you from sinking into a trance or losing eye contact.

Each Trance Buster Process has power because it allows you to recall the past event from a place of safety, and exercise power over the event, without slipping back into the usual trancelike way of re-living the past. This powerful experience, simple as it is…will change your life.

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Why I Choose to be a Trance Buster Coach

A Message from David Monroe

Every one of us suffers in some way from our past experiences. Now, you can obtain freedom simply and easily. Your time to heal is now. I want you to take the step and find the freedom I found.

This work is amazingly effective. I want to share it with you, as it brought dramatic freedom in my life, and the lives of others I’ve worked with. I know what it is to feel helpless. I spent twenty years trying many different methods of self-help and therapy. Though many were helpful, none provided the breakthrough I needed…until Trance Busters.

After twenty years of suffering depression and self-loathing, I was released one evening in ten minutes. The freedom from that release has never left me.

In 2013, I was trying to make a short movie about my 6-1/2 year old daughter’s tragic death which I witnessed in 1990. I was unable to write the script without breaking down and crying. I called a friend over, and he did two Trance Busters sessions with me; which I had learned, but never done on myself. Watch the re-enactment of what my friend and I did by clicking the LINK HERE.

Within a few short minutes…I was free.

I went on to write the script about my daughter’s death…directed the movie…and some people on set did not even know it was my story. You can watch this 13-minute short film, Love Requited,” by clicking on this LINK HERE.

Trance Busters are simple short processes that can change your life in a moment, and release you to live life the way you want, and be the person you want to be. They are the surest, quickest and easiest ways to bring release from suffering in your life that I have found.

My hope is that you will give these a try, and experience the freedom that comes from releasing your mind from the grip of the past.

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Meet David Monroe

Founder of Trance Busters

David has worked with hundreds of individuals over the years teaching these methods. In addition, he has many other “tools” in his tool box to help people recover from their past, and reprogram themselves so they can live their lives the way they want.

David is certified as a Master Neurolinguistic Programming Practitioner by NLP-Marin. He is a licensed Counselor at Law in California and Texas, and is an licensed minister.

He has studied at the Institute for the Healing of Sexual Violence and the Rapid Trauma Resolution Institute with Dr. Jon Connelly; with Dr. Carl Bucheit of NLP-Marin; The Monroe Institute in Virginia;

Shadow Work with Cliff Berry; and Psych-K with Bruce Lipton and Rob Williams. He has also studied The Work with Byron Katie; and has trained at the Deepak Chopra Center in San Diego.

In the early 1990s, he became one of the first in the world to be certified by Dawn Clark in her energy healing processes. He has also volunteered extensively with the ManKind Project since 2003, staffing and leading many trainings.

David currently resides in West Hollywood, California.

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