TRANCE BUSTERS® - A Pivotal Step Forward in Healing from Trauma


Transformational Workshops to Explore and Experience Trance Busters

Healing Emotional & Spiritual Trauma Workshop

An Introduction to Trance Busters

Embark on a transformative journey facilitated by David Monroe, available both live and online. This introductory workshop requires no prior coaching or clinical experience. The workshop provides participants the unique opportunity to experience Trance Buster processes firsthand, gaining invaluable insights into how these processes can facilitate personal growth and healing. Handouts provide the step-by-step process to follow in using Trance Busters. If you want, you can experience the power of a Trance Buster process, both as a participant and as a coach/helper; or you can just witness the effectiveness of Trance Busters in action. After this workshop, you will have the tools to use Trance Busters for yourself, both alone, and with others.

Trance Buster® Coach Training

In-Depth Study of Trance Busters

Embark on a seven-week online training course for business and life coaches, NLP practitioners, therapists, medical professionals, and anyone interested in learning effective trauma-recovery techniques. Gain comprehensive knowledge and practical skills to become proficient in Trance Buster processes, equipping you with the confidence to help individuals address and overcome major traumas in their lives. Unlock the transformative potential of Trance Busters and enhance your facilitation toolbox with these powerful tools for healing and personal growth.

You will be taught an easy to follow, step-by-step recipe to reset an Individual’s circuitry to their pre-trauma state, including in-depth understanding of Tance Buster processes. You will be given trouble-shooting guides to help you with different emotional blocks that can prevent people from benefitting from a Trance Buster process.

Releasing Your Lover: Healing Spiritual Trauma Workshop


Delve into a profound exploration of healing spiritual trauma and embracing the present by dissolving guilt and shame. This live two-day workshop is specifically tailored for gay men, offering a safe and supportive space to address deep-seated wounds and reclaim personal power. Through the use of Trance-Busters and facilitated discussions, participants will learn to identify and release past traumas, empowering them to live authentically and pursue their desires without inhibition.

About The Releasing Your Lover Workshop

From David Monroe

Your “Lover” is the archetypal aspect of your personality that loves and desires, both people and experiences. Our Lover drives our wants. As such, our Lover defines our deepest self, and may be defined as our “True Self,” or our “Spirit.

Part of this workshop will be spent acknowledging what we really love in life, and looking at how we can get more of it. We will take time to explore our deepest desires, and how we are, and are not, living them and allowing them to manifest.

We define “Spiritual Trauma” as any event that is outside the normal range of human experience that is substantially stressing and affects our self-image as a Loving, Sovereign Being, deserving of respect and honor. Spiritual traumas can leave messages that we are not safe, and block us from fulfilling our desires.

In this workshop, we will learn how to identify prior events that are blocking us from pursuing our individual desires, and how to remove/dissolve those blocks.

You can be free, light, bright and clear, 100% present to love!

Some gay men have been victims of violence. Others have only witnessed or learned of violence against other gay men. However, all gay men in Western culture have been oppressed by many messages, spoken and unspoken, that our Lover is evil, wicked, harmful and dangerous. This constant, daily oppression is a kind of stress that can result in something similar to Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (CPTSD). As a natural result of these messages, many gay men have repressed their true self and desires, romantically and otherwise.

Martin Luther King, Jr. wrote that the oppressors will never release the oppressed. The oppressed must rise up and claim their freedom. We must not wait for the “straight” world to save us. We must claim our individual freedom for our Lover.

In this special workshop, we will first establish safety, a safe container to talk about our deepest desires, what we love and want in life, and examine how we can get more of that.

We will have a time of discussing our “Lover Wounds” – prior events that we still feel shame, remorse, guilt or regret over. We will remember, recognize and mourn our prior experiences that have resulted in our oppression. We will recognize and judge the oppression as wrong.

Using the Trance-Busters technology and other facilitation skills, we will release guilt, shame, and remorse from these past experiences. We will then, through visualizations, experience our Lover freed to lead us wherever we want to go in our lives.

This workshop is not intended to be a final cure-all, but an introduction to ways of:

You will then have these tools to use with yourself and others to empower your Lover and live life the way you desire.

You will also learn techniques to assist individuals in recognizing and overcoming obstacles in their lives, including identifying significant past events that may be hindering their progress. Through the application of Trance Busters, you will gain the skills to unlock and address these events, facilitating profound healing and personal growth.

Additional tools you will learn include clear and easy to follow outlines on how to help your client create meaningful affirmations and implement them through Cellular Reformatting processes; and forgiveness processes that enable your client to forgive others and themselves for past deeds.

You will be fully equipped to meet with and coach clients using Trance Busters after completing this training. Certificates of completion are awarded to those who pass the certification test at the end of the workshop.

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